Better health plans for self-insured employers?

oh health yeah.

Apostrophe is the health plan that’s fixing America with Intelligent Health Benefits for self-insured employers

You and your employees deserve high-quality healthcare at a fair price. We found the smart way to build a health plan that’s saving our customers 20% or more in year one.

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You guys made everything feel so simple and straightforward.
We can tell that you really have our backs.

– Apostrophe Member

why we’re different


Say goodbye to complicated billing and confusing network rules.


Know what you’re spending
and what you’re saving.


Get great benefits with help from real people when you need it.

I LOVE Apostrophe! They have done a great job. They are friendly, helpful, timely and very thorough. They are the best healthcare company I have worked with.

– Apostrophe Member

why you will love apostrophe

A whole new approach to delivering benefits that you will love.

A member care experience
driven by love.

Intelligent ways to save
20% or more in the first year.

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