your customers deserve better health benefits.

This is the health plan that will make you their new best friend

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Your self-insured clients are paying too much for health insurance that’s getting worse every year.

No one’s happy, including you when you tell them their rates are going up 10-12% — again.


An Intelligent Health Benefits Platform means taking a smart approach to:

  • How our payments work
  • How we built our platform
  • How we leverage data for today and tomorrow’s needs
  • How we recommend the best possible care at the best possible price


Apostrophe is the push-button solution for Next Generation health benefits advisors. Now is your chance to give employers something better than what legacy carriers can offer.

Give them the Intelligent Health Benefits they’ve been asking for.

apostrophe is the competitive advantage
for benefits consultants

This is quality customer service at its best!
This is why I love Apostrophe!

– Apostrophe Member

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