Intelligent Health Benefits

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It should be easier to get better healthcare at a lower cost, and now it is.

Why Intelligent?

Insurance makes healthcare expensive, confusing and frustrating. We’ve simplified the process to make it easier and less expensive for you — with an awesome member service experience, too.

It just makes sense.


Our Platform Does What Insurance is Supposed to Do

Apostrophe negotiates the lowest possible rates and pays providers directly for services. We pass the savings onto our customers and give our members market-leading support.

Everything we do is guided by



We pay providers in full and members pay us. Providers get out of the collections loop and we pass the savings onto our customers.

All-in-One Billing

Members receive a fully audited and consolidated SuperEOB® from Apostrophe that is easy to understand. No more copays, no more billing chaos.


Clearly Defined Expenses

Know exactly how much you’re paying for your health plan and why.

$0 member cost options

We lock in low rates and $0 benefit options with partner providers in your area.


Better member experience

Our Member Care specialists offer jargon-free support by phone, text and email to help you understand your bills, benefits and more.

Flexible repayment options

Bills can add up. Members have repayment options to meet you where you are.

More options in virtual care

Our digital ecosystem of virtual care options gives members access to quality care — no matter where you live.

the intelligent health benefits platform

support through online centers

Members, providers and employers can use online help centers to see dashboards, view bills, manage payments and more.

pay or get paid online

Providers can login to receive payments, and members can view and pay single, fully-audited bills.

data-driven performance

Our cloud-based platform and customer support technology make it easier to use data to improve our services.

our transparency pledge

We believe in business as a force of good.

Transparency keeps us aligned with our customers. Our revenue comes only from administrative fees. We do not receive referral bonuses from our partners.

We do not add markups to clinical costs and claims. All discounts and refunds are passed through to the customer.


We told you we’re transparent.

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