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intelligent health benefits

Intelligent Health Benefits are for self-insured plan sponsors
who are ready to take control of costs and improve your experience.

more savings and a better member experience come standard with Apostrophe health plans. now that’s intelligent.

What Are Intelligent Health Benefits?

Intelligent Health Benefits are health plans designed to give the self-funded plan sponsor the benefits you want, at the fair, transparent price you need.
Intelligent Health Benefits include:

High-Quality, Transparent Network

  • High-quality doctors, hospitals and clinics
  • Fair, transparent referenced-based pricing
  • Steerage to high-quality, lower-cost providers

$0 Benefits

  • Specialty procedures and surgeries
  • Labs, imaging and walk-in clinics
  • Virtual Health, including urgent, behavioral and physical therapy


  • No billing chaos for members, providers or HR
  • Super EOB®: Easy-to-read, consolidated monthly statement
  • Compassionate repayment options

Member Care

  • Comprehensive on-boarding and education
  • Attentive, jargon-free help
  • Expert support to navigate the healthcare system

Can Intelligent Health Benefits save money?

Oh health yeah they can! Apostrophe’s Intelligent Health Benefits could save you 25-30% in the first year, compared with a traditional PPO. We negotiate the lowest possible rates and pay providers directly for services and pass the savings onto you.

You guys, are hands down, now my favorite insurance company ever. My doctors love you too and said they wish all insurance companies were like you. You’re so amazing!

– Apostrophe Member

We believe in business as a force of good. 

Our values — Simplicity, Transparency and Love — keep us aligned with our customers. 

We don’t receive referral bonuses from our partners. All discounts and refunds are passed through to our customers.