if your health plan isn't apostrophe, it isn't doing its job.

Insurance companies should help you understand your medical expenses and guide you to cost-effective care -- but they're not.

No one should have
to skip the doctor
because of cost.

Part of Apostrophe’s Intelligent Health Benefits approach is
offering simplified billing through MemberPay and awesome Member Care support.

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Go to your doctor.
  2. Pay $0 at the doctor’s office (in most cases).
  3. We combine and audit your bills into one easy-to-understand statement.
  4. Get a monthly statement from us.
  5. Pay us online or by phone.

Need help? Contact Member Care to:

  • Understand your health plan benefits
  • Access Virtual Care and 24/7 Telemedicine
  • Answer your provider’s questions
  • Find $0 cost medical services through our smart shopper program
  • Get a trusted second opinion
  • Understand and pay your Apostrophe bill
  • Feel like a million bucks
These are just a few of the ways Member Care specialists take care of Apostrophe members.

Here’s How Apostrophe Members Feel
the Love

  • Talk to real humans by phone or email
  • High-quality virtual and local care choices
  • Referrals to 2nd opinions by trusted partners
  • Simplified billing
  • Flexible payment options
  • $0 copays in most cases
  • $0 member cost options through the smart shopper program

that’s serious savings

We’ve contracted rates with providers throughout the country to lock in low prices or even free options for our members. 

Our member care specialists can help you find smart shopper options for imaging, outpatient/planned surgery, virtual physical therapy, lab work, colonoscopies and non-urgent care at MinuteClinic®.

In some cases, the savings are so high, you won’t even be responsible for payment. Those are $0 member cost care options, and they’re as good as they sound.

I love that I talk to somebody. Customer service sucks these days and everything is automatic. And I like that I get the same person. At least I feel like I have a friend!

– Apostrophe Member

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