How Benefits Advisors Can Give Better Health Plans to Self-Insured Employers

How Benefits Advisors Can Give Better Health Plans to Self-Insured Employers

How Benefits Advisors Can Give Better Health Plans to Self-Insured Employers 1004 591 Apostrophe Health

Legacy insurance plans are working against American workers, and it’s costing them trillions.

As a health benefits advisor, we don’t have to tell you how broken the U.S. healthcare system is. You’re deep in this world just like us. You can see the costly pain points affecting your clients and their employees every single day. You have to know they’re sick of it all. 

Aren’t you?

Premiums and deductibles keep increasing (more than 250% since 2006) and yet, wages are stagnant. Employers rightfully anticipate double-digit increases to their benefit plans every single year; benefits for their employees that just keep getting worse. And overall, the U.S. healthcare industry wastes a trillion dollars every year. That’s $1,000,000,000,000 on unnecessary treatment, low-value care, pricing failures, fraud and abuse. 

It all stems from the legacy insurance plans that brokers keep selling and employers keep buying because they don’t know how much control they actually have in this situation. You can give them back that control.

Take 2 minutes to watch Sick of it All to understand:

  • How it all got to be so one sided
  • Where we see the opportunity to fix healthcare in America
  • Why we should work together to provide better benefits for less money to your clients

As you see, the legacy insurance industry isn’t designed to benefit consumers. It’s setup to make sure the carriers get paid and brokers get a healthy commission for selling through the same broken plans time and again. At Apostrophe, we believe in humanizing healthcare, putting people back at the center of cost, quality and experience where they belong.

That’s why we designed our health plans after the direct-purchase model that works for power players like Boeing, Lowe’s and Walmart. We made it accessible to mid-sized self-insured employers, which allows them to offer their staff benefits that actually feel like benefits. Working together with your clients, Apostrophe Intelligent Health Benefits can can give them greater savings than their current legacy provider. Doesn’t that sound a lot better than the rate increase for worse benefits you were going to share at renewals?

If so, let’s talk now and prepare you to take an entirely different health plan to your renewal meetings.