How confident are you in your rented health insurance network?

How confident are you in your rented health insurance network?

How confident are you in your rented health insurance network? 1280 854 Apostrophe Health

Legacy health carriers don’t operate with the best interest of self-insured employers. Apostrophe Health is fixing that.

United Healthcare delivered a hard blow to Houston residents who rely on Methodist Hospital: It is planning to remove the hospital system’s in-network provider designation at the start of 2020. Benefits advisor Michael Andrade called out United Healthcare for the move, highlighting how these changes create uncertainty and fear in the members who rely on their existing healthcare providers and services.

Watch as he takes two minutes to compassionately guide members on proactive steps they should take to protect themselves before January 1, 2020.  

The type of disruption United Healthcare HAS CREATED can happen anywhere; and it does all too often. Self-insured employers who rent provider networks from traditional insurance carriers take a hard hit in these scenarios. And health plan members—your employees—carry the biggest burden in cost of out-of-network expenses, time spent to find new providers or arrange new appointments and stress of upending their comfort zone.  

Can you and your employees afford to be blindsided this way? You’d need a substantial continuity plan to ensure your employees’ treatment and care could carry on seamlessly, with little-to-no interruption. Andrade describes the painstaking effort needed to feel somewhat protected in such a transition:

  • research high-quality surgeons
  • learn if existing physicians have privileges at other hospitals
  • develop treatment plans
  • hunt down lower-cost imaging services

…and do it all in the next 30 days. 

This is exactly the broken healthcare system Apostrophe is working to fix. Situations like the one United and Methodist have created in Houston aren’t serving anyone’s best interests. The alternative is what we call Intelligent Health Benefits, wherein Apostrophe treats all providers as in-network to minimize disruption in care. 

By putting our members’ needs (without limiting network rules) they’re happier, healthier and saving a lot of money. Providers love that we eliminate their AR needs. And employers love that they can take control of quality, experience and cost of their health plan. 

Ask your advisor if renting provider networks is still your best bet. If they agree it’s time for a change that protects the company’s and your employees’ interests, let’s talk.