Humanizing Healthcare: Health Benefits That Actually Feel Like a Benefit

Humanizing Healthcare: Health Benefits That Actually Feel Like a Benefit

Humanizing Healthcare: Health Benefits That Actually Feel Like a Benefit 6286 4480 Apostrophe Health

For self-insured employers, it is possible to provide your staff with better benefits for less money. Just treat people…like humans

America’s healthcare system is broken. And the hard-working people you employ are the ones paying for it. From where we sit, people were removed from the healthcare equation and replaced by third-party payers and misaligned incentives. What we got in return were ill-informed consumers going broke to pay for healthcare that keeps getting worse. It all contributes to nearly 20% of the United State’s GDP, and racked up a $556 million healthcare lobbying bill in 2018. 

This serves no one. The lobbyists are winning. Legacy health insurance companies are winning. Where are you and your employees supposed to come out ahead in all of this? If you maintain the way things have been…you don’t.

We know that changing health plans is scary. The cost of doing nothing is far scarier than upgrading to benefits that actually feel like benefits. Under Apostrophe’s Intelligent Health Benefits, employers see substantial savings your company will see in its bottom line, and your employees will notice in their bank accounts. Those numbers are hard to ignore when you consider most health plans increase by an average of 10-12% each year.


We’ve seen this come to light for so many of our members. One, in particular, stands out. 

Last year, a Wisconsin member was earning $7.50 per hour, and had been paying full out-of-pocket expenses for her family’s healthcare needs for years. Then the company switched its health plan to Apostrophe, giving her access to our Member Care team. By working together to make smart choices, we helped her reduce out-of-pocket expenses to $0 for the year! She walked into the CEO’s office…and hugged him! Because of the thousands of dollars she saved, her family was able to take their first vacation. 


Apostrophe Health took on this mismanaged healthcare system by putting simplicity, transparency and love at the center of everything we do. It’s a hard departure from the established rules legacy health insurance providers use to take advantage of their own customers. 

Our members access quality care, market-leading support from the Member Care team and realize tremendous savings through smart shopper options, all at a price that is often less than they paid under the legacy model.

Apostrophe Intelligent Health Benefits were informed by the best practices of the direct-purchase model refined by big players like Boeing, Walmart and Lowe’s. We’ve made this model accessible to self-insured employers who are ready to take back control of cost, experience and quality.

Ready to learn more? Ask your broker about Apostrophe. You’ll learn a little more about how we simplified billing, why it’s important to treat humans like humans and hear a few more Member Care success stories.