In the Future of Healthcare, Self-Funded Plan Sponsors Control Spend and Experience

In the Future of Healthcare, Self-Funded Plan Sponsors Control Spend and Experience

In the Future of Healthcare, Self-Funded Plan Sponsors Control Spend and Experience 1200 713 Apostrophe Health

Now is the time to make America’s broken healthcare work for your members.

In this 30-minute webinar, The Future of Healthcare: Back to the Doctor, we had a thought-provoking discussion about:

  • How “panic purchasing” of medical services will hit your bottom line
  • Ways to leverage plan design to offset utilization surges
  • Why legacy insurance carriers will win with provider price-gouging
  • Reference-based pricing use cases and success stories

Featured speakers included: 

  • Brenda Manning, Sales Executive at Peterson McGregor & Associates
  • Cheryl Kellond, Apostrophe CEO & Co-Founder
  • Jesse Gomez, Apostrophe SVP of Sales & Marketing
Future of Healthcare II – Back to the Doctor Webinar

In the past three months, appointments for preventative care for chronic diseases have dropped 70%. One-third of patients are still not comfortable going back to the doctor. Physicians who perform elective procedures have seen a 95% reduction in patient volume. 

Patients will return to the doctor and postponed procedures will be rescheduled. When they do, there’s going to be a supply and demand surge, as Gomez explained.

When we do start to normalize in 2021, he says self-funded plan sponsors are going to find themselves in a “very dire situation wishing they’d made plan changes in 2020 in anticipation. Right now, they’re a bit lulled as claim costs go down, and they’re not really thinking about this wave that may come…and the implications it will have for them.” 

The way our panel sees it, self-funded plan sponsors have an incredible opportunity right now to change everything about their plan design, cost, and experience. They have far more control than they realize to get out from under the “broken” system that has cost them too much for far too long. 


Watch the video to hear Manning’s entire story, but here’s the lightning bolt moment of the conversation! 

Last year, Manning transitioned a self-funded employer in Michigan from a PPO plan to  Apostrophe Health Intelligent Health Benefits. They negotiated direct contracts with local high-performing providers and health systems. And they implemented a year-long communication strategy to educate employees on getting the most from their benefits plan.

The results? An ASTONISHING $1.2 million in savings! 

  • 250 multi-state employees
  • Based in Michigan
  • Medicare as baseline + 150% markup
  • 52% reduced healthcare spend the first year
  • $1.2 million savings

That $1.2 million savings? It will be reinvested in the company.

“Those dollars are so important to reinvest for R&D, wage growth, and viability and sustainability,” said Jesse Gomez. “Healthcare dollars eat so much of [a company’s] ability to compete, when there are, quite frankly, common sense, practical ways to manage healthcare spend.” 

What could YOU do with plan savings like this? Let us help you achieve similar results.