This is How Americans Waste $1 Trillion a Year on Healthcare

This is How Americans Waste $1 Trillion a Year on Healthcare

This is How Americans Waste $1 Trillion a Year on Healthcare 1004 591 Apostrophe Health

Learn how the U.S. healthcare system got this bad, and how we’re fixing it for self-insured employers.

The American healthcare system wastes $1 trillion dollars every year. One Trillion. That means $1 of every $4 spent on healthcare in the U.S. could have stayed in someone’s wallet.  That someone includes your employees.

Between 2006-15, employee deductibles increased 255%. Their wages did not.

And each year, health plans increase an average of 12% for coverage that only gets worse. 

We are sick of it all. Aren’t you? 

In this 2-minute video, we explain how the system became so broken that this has become acceptable reality. In Sick of it All, you’ll learn:

  • 4 glaring problems with the current healthcare system
  • Why that puts an unfair burden on American consumers
  • How YOU can save 20% or more on your health plan in year one

There’s this sort of cycle that self-insured employers and benefits advisors find themselves stuck in, and it only perpetuates the problem:

  • Employers need great benefits for their employees that won’t tank the bottom line.

  • Advisors keep showing up with the same broken legacy carrier model designed to put the insurance company first (and employees bearing the financial burden).

  • Employers don’t feel that they have any other options, so they sign the dotted line on the renewal form.

  • Advisors have an opportunity to do the right thing: take the commission for closing the sale, or give your employees benefits that actually feel like a benefit.

  • If you return to renewals next year facing the same increases, you’ll know which your advisor chose.

Self-insured employers have more control over price, quality and experience than they think they do. That’s where Apostrophe’s Intelligent Health Benefits come in and stop this tired system in its tracks. Working together with advisors and employers, Apostrophe provides Better Benefits for Less Money. We’ve made that possible by making accessible the self-insured model used by big players like Boeing, Lowe’s and Walmart. 

This legacy carrier system that is bankrupting Americans may have become the status quo, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you’re sick of it all and ready for a change, let’s get to work