$0 benefits

$0 benefits

Health benefits shouldn’t break the bank. By negotiating fair prices with high-quality providers, Apostrophe offers $0 benefits that rival the big guys.

While members always have a choice, by offering high-quality, lower cost options at convenient locations, members can save hundreds, and even thousands, on certain surgeries, procedures, labs, urgent and virtual care from high-quality providers at ambulatory surgery centers, MinuteClinic®, Quest Diagnostics, MeMD and more.

$0 carpal tunnel surgery

An Apostrophe member in Pennsylvania needed carpal tunnel surgery. The local hospital quoted her $20,000. While her plan would pay $18,000, she would have to pay $2,000 as part of her out-of-pocket max. Because Apostrophe had a contract with a local surgery center, she was able to get the same procedure for only $845 — all of which was paid by her plan. She paid $0.

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